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BizViz Suite

This three-day course covers ReportWorX, BridgeWorX, and Productivity Analytics.
Iconics Ireland training centre
Course Summary
  • Develop and administer reporting (ReportWorX) and data bridging (BridgeWorX) applications with which users can interact locally or via the Web.
  • Design report templates pulling data from a GENESIS32 SCADA system, Microsoft SQL Server databases, parameters, and Web Services.
  • Design data transactions to move data between OPC servers and databases, including transactions based on user input parameters.
  • Configure scheduling and triggering actions to run reporting and data-management systems automatically or based on user demand.
  • Configure a delivery system that will allow reports to reach their audience automatically.
  • Interact with the ReportWorX and BridgeWorX systems from a Web interface.
  • A quick introduction to Alarm Analytics and the variety of different out-of-the-box reports available.
  • Design and create a sample application with Productivity Analytics.
  • Configure Shift Schedules for your sample productivity Analytics application.
  • Activate and run Productivity Analytics Service.
  • Access and Navigate between runtime views of Productivity Analytics.
  • Overview of the Productivity Analytics Database Structure.

All ICONICS training courses are there to teach you how to design and develop your SCADA/HMI or Manufacturing Intelligence application with the various tools provided by the GENESIS32 and BizViz suites of products, therefore an adequate knowledge of Windows and general Windows applications is assumed of all trainees.

Familiarity with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), ODBC databases, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, SharePoint Services, GENESIS32, and WebHMI is also helpful.

Course Content
  • ReportWorX
    • Introduction to ReportWorX
    • Installation of ReportWorX
    • ReportWorX Configurator
    • Report Scheduling and Triggers
    • Redirector Actions
    • Report Templates
    • Data Sources
    • Layout Manager
    • Client Management
    • Unified Web Interface
  • BridgeWorX
    • Introduction to BridgeWorX
    • Installation of BridgeWorX
    • Data Connectors
    • Transaction Diagrams
    • Post Transaction Tasks
    • Transaction Scheduling and Triggers
    • Unified Web Interface
    • User Management
    • Troubleshooting
  • Productivity Analytics
    • Introduction to Productivity Analytics
    • Database Connection
    • User Security
    • Scheduling Configuration
    • Configuration in the Unified Web Interface
    • Downtime Management
    • Responsibilities
    • Calculations
    • Equipment Categories and Causes
    • Configuring Assets
    • Starting the Analytics Server
    • Runtime View of Assets