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OPC Complex Data: New Capabilities Maximize Object-Oriented Systems
Control - December 2004
The OPC Complex Data specification, released in December 2003, describes a new way to pass data from one OPC DA server to another, making it easier for vendors, OEMs, machine builders and end users to connect new, smarter devices together. The current DA specification requires data items to be simple types or arrays of simple types, so OPC DA servers represent data as a sequence of bytes. Under the current specs, there is no way describe the structure of these bytes. Clients receiving structured data are unable to interpret it unless the OPC server provides the data as items or arrays of simple data types.
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Safe and Secure
InTech Magazine - December 2004
Crowds pack in security sessions; automation industry picking up. While the industry outlook remained optimistic despite jitters on Wall Street stirred by record-breaking oil prices, it was very easy to find the hot-button topic at ISA EXPO 2004 in Houston. All you had to do was look for the standing-room-only crowds in the security technical sessions. They were easy to find. Officials needed to bring in dozens of extra chairs to seat attendees at a security standards panel discussion organized by Bryan Singer, chair of the ISA-SP99 standards committee focusing on control systems security. Singer said the SP99 committee's membership now totaled 240 individuals from a broad cross section of industries, including international interests.
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ISA Show "Serves" Up New Tech
Control Magazine - November 2004
As we predicted, companies are starting to offer software products that use Web and server technology to cut costs dramatically and move high level software out of the plant. Iconics ( announced its BridgeWorX and PortalWorX V8 web-enabled software, both of which make it easy for users to capture, display and process data from a variety of sources, including OPC, SQL, and Oracle data bases, plant historians, and SAP...
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GENEISIS32 V7 Service Pack 2 is released
Genesis32 v7 Service Pack 2 is released and will be shipping to all current GENESIS32 7 SupportWorX Customers, System Integrators and Sales Channel Partners over the next several weeks. The GENESIS3 V7 SP2 installs without having to remove or uninstall GENESIS32 V7 or any components. The SP2 CD will also upgrade any International GENESIS32 V7 installation. The GENESIS32 V7 SP2 upgrade makes any GENESIS32 V7 application compliant with Microsoft XP SP2 and includes over 100 “hot fixes” including redundancy switchover for GENESIS32 Security server. Upgrading your application for Microsoft XP SP2 allows you to take advantage of the added Firewall and several security enhancements Microsoft has built into XP SP2.
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Register today to attend the ICONICS Worldwide Customer Summit
Mark your calendars for the 2005 ICONICS Worldwide Customer Summit to be held at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort March 21–23, 2005 in Orlando, FL. The theme of the Summit is “Increase Manufacturing Productivity with .NET Technology.” The Summit will focus on solutions for improving productivity while reducing integration and operating costs. Summit attendees will gain extensive knowledge in bridging real-time systems and business systems, and will observe real-life examples of the latest technology for HMI/SCADA and Manufacturing Intelligence, including GENESIS32 V8, BizViz V8, Microsoft .NET and much more. ICONICS' GENESIS32 and BizViz customers, system integrators, sales channel and OEM partners are invited.
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Aberdeen Industrial Computing Solutions Seminar register today
ICONICS sales channel ICONIC Technology are hosting the Industrial Computing Solutions Seminar on Thursday 10th February 2005 at the Maritime Museuam, Aberdeen. To register for this FREE event contact Jess on +44 (0) 1461 201020.
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Success Stories
Town of Tonawanda Tonawanda, NY
The Town of Tonawanda formed in 1836 is located north of Buffalo, with a population approximately 80,000. The Water Resource Department operates and maintains hundreds of miles of water and sewer lines. Each year billions of gallons of water drawn from the Niagara River are treated, distributed, collected and cleaned in order to serve their residents. The name Tonawanda, “Swift Waters” was given to the area by Neuter and Eric Indians, the original inhabitants.
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United Biscuits UK
Quality is a primary concern for McVitie’s, part of United Biscuits (UB). At their plant in Tollcross, Glasgow, they have developed a control technology, which puts them in the front line on this point, as well as reinforcing the approach to innovative solutions encouraged across the business.
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Oil transport company and Russias largest oil pipeline company, manages the world’s largest oil pipeline in the world. The pipeline extends from Siberia to the Baltic’s, and encompasses over 30,000 miles (45,000 km) of oil pipe transporting 300 million tons of oil a year through the most severe environment on earth.
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