Issue 1, February 2005

The ICONICS UK Ltd. Newsletter
Welcome to the New Look ICONICS UK Newsletter, we hope you will find this issue informative. This issue focuses on the release of our new BizViz V8 Manufacturing Intelligence products PortalWorX and BridgeWorX. Our Worldwide Customer Summit will be held March 21-23 in Orlando, Florida. The theme of this event is Increase Manufacturing Productivity with .NET Technology. The summit will feature many of our partners and customers. We will have numerous hands-on breakout sessions at this exciting event. We hope to see many of you in Orlando in March. Thank you for your continued interest and support.
VCRWorX - View your process both now ....... and back in time!
The powerful new application VCRWorX was recently introduced with the GENESIS32 V8 release. VCRWorX provides plant personnel with an innovative way to visualise historical data from the plant floor. From the friendly VCRWorX on-screen control, users can select a start time, playback speed, and step mode for viewing. Users can compare live views with historical views and make real-time set-point changes resulting in less waste.
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GENEISIS32 V7 Service Pack 2 is released
Genesis32 v7 Service Pack 2 is released and will be shipping to all current GENESIS32 7 SupportWorX Customers, System Integrators and Sales Channel Partners over the next several weeks. The GENESIS3 V7 SP2 installs without having to remove or uninstall GENESIS32 V7 or any components. The SP2 CD will also upgrade any International GENESIS32 V7 installation. The GENESIS32 V7 SP2 upgrade makes any GENESIS32 V7 application compliant with Microsoft XP SP2 and includes over 100 “hot fixes” including redundancy switchover for GENESIS32 Security server. Upgrading your application for Microsoft XP SP2 allows you to take advantage of the added Firewall and several security enhancements Microsoft has built into XP SP2.
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Register today to attend the ICONICS Worldwide Customer Summit
Mark your calendars for the 2005 ICONICS Worldwide Customer Summit to be held at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort March 21–23, 2005 in Orlando, FL. The theme of the Summit is “Increase Manufacturing Productivity with .NET Technology.” The Summit will focus on solutions for improving productivity while reducing integration and operating costs. Summit attendees will gain extensive knowledge in bridging real-time systems and business systems, and will observe real-life examples of the latest technology for HMI/SCADA and Manufacturing Intelligence, including GENESIS32 V8, BizViz V8, Microsoft .NET and much more. ICONICS' GENESIS32 and BizViz customers, system integrators, sales channel and OEM partners are invited.
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ICONICS introduces PortalWorX to the BizViz Suite
PortalWorX V8

PortalWorX™, the newest software product in the ICONICS BizViz™ V8 Manufacturing Intelligence Suite, provides the ideal collaborative platform to easily create and manage custom manufacturing and business intelligence portals and visualization dashboards. Built on Microsoft® SharePoint™ and .NET technologies, PortalWorX provides everything necessary to create custom and personalized portals that seamlessly integrate real-time, historical plant and business information. Powerful single sign-on technology allows users to quickly log in to multiple HMI/ SCADA and business systems, increasing productivity by providing rapid overall system access. PortalWorX also includes a Layout Editor that enables users to create customized portal layouts. Using .NET Web parts, users can integrate information coming from anywhere in the enterprise. PortalWorX provides an extensive library of interactive Web parts, which provide HMI/SCADA, rich graphics visualization, trending, charting, alarming, and reporting. Web parts can easily be dragged and dropped to instantly create real-time manufacturing dashboards
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ICONICS introduces BridgeWorX to the BizViz Suite
BridgeWorX V8

BridgeWorX™, also a new member of the BizViz V8 Manufacturing Intelligence Suite, provides unique data integration and interface management that requires no programming. Built on .NET technology, BridgeWorX provides powerful data-mining of virtually any real-time or corporate database. Simple function block configuration does all the work. BridgeWorX has many applications where the exchange of data is required, such as recipe management and moving blocks of information to and from real-time plant systems to corporate business systems. Information can be bridged from many different data sources, including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, ODBC, OLEDB, MSDE, Oracle®, and OPC historical, alarm, and real-time data. BridgeWorX also data-mines applications or databases via Web services technology. Based on a unique graphical transaction technology, BridgeWorX configurations are easy to set up. A transaction represents a logical flowchart of data transfer and business logic tasks executed in a user-configured order. Transactions can be scheduled to trigger based on time, date, alarms, events, OPC tags, and database values. Users can be notified of transaction status by e-mail and other methods.
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Success Stories
Town of Tonawanda Tonawanda, NY
The Town of Tonawanda formed in 1836 is located north of Buffalo, with a population approximately 80,000. The Water Resource Department operates and maintains hundreds of miles of water and sewer lines. Each year billions of gallons of water drawn from the Niagara River are treated, distributed, collected and cleaned in order to serve their residents. The name Tonawanda, “Swift Waters” was given to the area by Neuter and Eric Indians, the original inhabitants.
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United Biscuits UK
Quality is a primary concern for McVitie’s, part of United Biscuits (UB). At their plant in Tollcross, Glasgow, they have developed a control technology, which puts them in the front line on this point, as well as reinforcing the approach to innovative solutions encouraged across the business.
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WebHMI Versioning Utility (version 7)
2005-02-28 00:00:00
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Latest Knowledge Base Article
221 - Configuring ICONICS Security
ICONICS provides a powerful security tool that can be configured to allow and disallow access to all components and features by utilising a user name and password system. It can be used to configure users and associate those users with specific Groups. These Groups can be given varying degrees of access to sensitive or plant critical operations thereby ensuring specific users only have access to those functions that are necessary.
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OPC Complex Data: New Capabilities Maximize Object-Oriented Systems
Control - December 2004
The OPC Complex Data specification, released in December 2003, describes a new way to pass data from one OPC DA server to another, making it easier for vendors, OEMs, machine builders and end users to connect new, smarter devices together. The current DA specification requires data items to be simple types or arrays of simple types, so OPC DA servers represent data as a sequence of bytes. Under the current specs, there is no way describe the structure of these bytes. Clients receiving structured data are unable to interpret it unless the OPC server provides the data as items or arrays of simple data types.
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The ICONICS Web broadcasting crew is back for another round of “live” webcasts, for 2005. All webcasts are designed for end users, system integrators, strategic OEMs and sales partners. Topics range from OPC Data Access and HMI/ SCADA applications to Manufacturing Intelligence solutions. Each webcast runs 45 minutes, and will feature real-life examples and demonstrations, and will highlight features in GENESIS32 V8 and BizViz V8.
April 2005
Tue 5th 17:00:00 Reporting for the Real-time Enterprise more info...
Fri 15th 14:00:00 OPC DA 3.0 and OPC XML Standards more info...
Wed 20th 17:00:00 HMI/SCADA for Today's Automation more info...
Wed 27th 14:00:00 Manufacturing Portals and Visualization Dashboards more info...
May 2005
Tue 3rd 14:00:00 Building Robust Alarm and Trend Applications more info...
Fri 20th 17:00:00 Understanding OPC’s New Unified Architecture more info...
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ICONICS UK Ltd. provides a variety of training courses. You can choose to attend one of our standard courses, which will cover the standard ICONICS products either at our Kingswinford training facilities or on-site. Alternatively you can also choose to have a training specifically tailored to your needs.
May 2005
Mon 23rd - Wed 25th : Basic Training
June 2005
Mon 6th - Tue 7th : BizViz Training
July 2005
Mon 4th - Wed 6th : Basic Training
September 2005
Mon 19th - Tue 20th : BizViz Training
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