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The ICONICS GENESIS32™ automation software suite provides water and wastewater processing organizations with powerful tools to minimize downtime, reduce costs of operation, minimize applications development and bridge the gap between IT, MIS and water facilities.
Industries Served
For systems requiring superior monitoring and control, the following water and wastewater industries are benefiting from ICONICS' solutions:

Water Utilities, Municipalities and Distribution Systems
Sanitation Systems
Water Filtration and Remediation
And Many More...
customers who are deploying ICONICS solutions in their water and wastewater processing applications will enjoy many potential benefits:

EPA and other government reporting
Centralized monitoring and control
Ability to integrate alarms with live video, adding a higher level of security to your operation
Integrated project management equals fewer engineering hours
Reduce potential problems by viewing alarms and trends anywhere, anytime
Acknowledge alarms from a wireless Pocket PC or mobile phone
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Proven, Innovative Solutions for Water & Wastewater Treatment

The GENESIS32™ suite lets you monitor, control and report on the overall operation from a single location, while connecting satellite and remote sites with secure and reliable networking technologies (LAN, WAN, and the Internet) and recording operator actions, system events and alarms.
HMI/SCADA Solutions for Public and Private Municipalities

Fast and easy integration into your product solutions using state-of-the-art technology, fifth generation Web-enabled HMI, SCADA and control software applications as a fully integrated suite or as modular components to your requirements.
Manage Multiple Facilities from a Single Location

The ICONICS GENESIS32™ HMI / SCADA software suite enables the monitoring and control of multiple locations with one software system. Not only can you monitor and access individual locations such as reservoirs and pumping stations, but you can control entire water pipeline networks as well.

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Plug and Play with Popular RTUs, DCSs and PLCs

Connect directly to dozens of popular existing PLCs, RTUs, DCSs and other automation equipment for fast communications using open-standard OPC servers. ICONICS GENESIS32™ software is built from the ground up using OPC® technology, and therefore requires no time-consuming tag-database interfaces.
Display and Record Alarms Corresponding with Live Video

Alarm configuration is easy with the alarm and event configuration utility. ICONICS' AlarmWorX™32 is a distributed enterprise-wide alarm and events management system, which can display alarms locally or remotely along with live video feeds from the corresponding alarm locations.
Create EPA and Regulatory Reports

Meet EPA and state agency regulatory reporting requirements with custom reports based on real-time events or schedules and taken from multiple real-time data sources and historical databases. Visualize your reports in Microsoft Excel and publish them via e-mail, fax, printing, Web publishing and more. Choose from one of the many supplied templates or create your own.
Historian Logs to Secure Databases

Both the ICONICS AlarmWorX™32 Logger and the ICONICS TrendWorX™32 Logger record their information to industry standard databases, including Microsoft® SQL Server, MSDE®, Microsoft® Access and Oracle®. Using such standard corporate databases facilitates an easy path for long-term maintenance, addressing issues of record and report retrievals throughout the retention period.
Project Management and Deployment Tools

Deploy a project by simply packing it and then unpacking it on the target computer. GENESIS32™ is integrated with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe® technology for accurate project management. Access operations from mobile phones using MobileHMI™.
Prevent Problems with Multimedia Alarm Notification

Quickly alert operations, maintenance and purchasing personnel to problems. AlarmWorX™32 Multimedia, which is based on OPC Alarm and Events, provides alarm summary reporting and alarm logging to Microsoft® Access, MSDE®, Microsoft® SQL Server® and Oracle® databases. Connect alarms to e-mail, faxes, telephones, marquees, pagers, instant messaging, SMS, mobile phones and voice systems. Be notified wherever you may be!
24/7 Security Tracking of Operator Input, Station and Node Details

Critical to an organization's security are the maintenance of unique employee user IDs and the association of these IDs with each employee's actions. The ICONICS Security Server offers a wealth of features for maintaining unique IDs. User, station, node and time details for tracked events are logged to secure databases.
Remote Wireless and Mobile Connectivity

Make operators and management more efficient with flexible access to data wherever they are. WebHMI™ delivers operator and supervisory screens across Intranet or Web with full global network security. Deliver the same screen information operators see on their station consoles to wireless Pocket PCs with PocketGENESIS.