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Machine Builders
Machine builders and OEMs integrate the GENESIS32™ suite of applications into their product solutions to provide superior monitoring, control, reporting, alarming and trending features.
Industries Served
For systems requiring superior monitoring and control, the following industries are benefiting from ICONICS' solutions:

Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Products
Assembly Lines
Warehousing, Packaging
Robotics, CNC, DNC
OEM Machine Builders
Blow Molding, Injection Molding
And Many More...
Machine Builders and OEMs who deploy GENESIS32™ into their solutions will enjoy these benefits:

International language switching
Support for Embedded NT/XP and Windows CE
100% OPC compliant
Plug and play with open standards
Fast and easy project deployment
One development tool for multiple platforms
Scalable solutions from embedded controllers to full operator stations
Web-enabled for easy remote operations and diagnostics
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Cost-Effective Product Solution Integration
GENESIS32™ provides tools for building solutions tailored to the machine builder, OEM or integrator needs, enabling visualization, HMI, diagnostics and machine control of the overall machine operation. Fully integrated with industry standards such as OPC. GENESIS32™ will grow as application requirements grow!
Open Architecture Based on OPC Industry Standard
Fast and easy integration into your product solutions using state-of-the-art technology, fifth generation HMI, SCADA and control software applications as a fully integrated suite or as modular components to your requirements. Supports Windows® .NET and Distributed Internet Applications (DNA) architecture..
International Language Switching and Global Aliasing
Machine Builders and OEMs needing to deploy their products and systems around the world can now define multiple languages and engineering unit conversions for their machines and applications. Centralized language switching eases the development of language based systems and can be switched during runtime.

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One Development Tool for Multiple Targets
The GENESIS32™ development studio can be run on Microsoft® Windows 98, Millennium, 2000, XP, and Windows NT® operating systems. Web-enabled applications can also run on Web browsers and Terminal Servers as well as dedicated wireless Pocket PCs, Windows® CE and Embedded NT or XP devices.
Project Management and Deployment Tools
Let ProjectWorX™32 do all the work! Deploy projects by simply packing them and then unpacking the project on the remote target PCs. ProjectWorX™32 integrates with Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe® technology during the development phase, making large project collaboration easy.
Web-Enabled Thin-Client Design with Global Security
WebHMI™ provides thin-client browser capabilities for trending, alarming and operator HMI graphics. Use of standard Microsoft® Internet Explorer or Netscape® Navigator® requires no installation on client machines. GENESIS32™ also supports Microsoft® Terminal Server™ with integrated and enterprise security.
Integrate and Data Mine Easily with Industry-Standard Databases
Both the AlarmWorX™32 Logger and the TrendWorX™32 Logger record their information to industry standard databases, including Microsoft® SQL Server, MSDE, Microsoft® Access and Oracle®.
Built-in Mission Critical Redundancy
DataWorX™32 integrates OPC data redundancy and OPC server bridging for non-stop mission critical HMI, SCADA and control applications.
Designed for Embedded NT, XP, Windows CE and CE.NET
ICONICS products support applications needing to run on Microsoft® Embedded operating systems, such as Embedded NT, XP as well as Windows® CE and CE.NET platforms. ICONICS products such as MachineWorX™, PanelWorX and Embedded GENESIS32™ are optimised to take maximum advantage of limited memory requirements and other resource limitations.
Extensible, Reliable and Scalable Multiprocessor Distributed Architecture
The GENESIS32™ suite of software applications offers a single common development tool for creating powerful HMI, SCADA and control applications � from the smallest to the largest distributed systems using symmetric multiprocessor technology.
Additional Features
The GENESIS32™ suite of applications offers many other features that come standard in our products. From password revision controls to timeout enforcement, from document revision control tie-ins to unauthorized access detection and prevention.