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The ICONICS GENESIS32™ automation software suite provides automotive companies with powerful tools to minimise downtime, reduce costs of operation, minimise applications development and bridge the gap between corporate IT and the production floor.
Automotive Industries Served

For systems requiring extensive monitoring and control, the following automotive industries are benefiting from ICONICS' Solutions:

Factory Information Systems (FIS)
Manufacturing Assembly
Power Train Assembly
Engine Test
Paint Shop
Robotic Welding and Material Handling
And Many More...

Customers who are deploying ICONICS solutions within their automotive manufacturing operations will enjoy many potential benefits:

Enhanced quality control through SPC and SQL
Real-time data exchange with suppliers
Scalable solutions from embedded controllers to full operator stations
Interact with your plant from a browser, wireless handheld device, or mobile phone
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HMI Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing

Fast and easy integration into your product solutions using state-of-the-art technology, fifth generation HMI, SCADA and control software applications as a fully integrated suite or as modular components to your requirements.
Project Management and Deployment Tools

Deploy a project by simply packing it and then unpacking it on the target computer. GENESIS™32 is integrated with Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe® technology for accurate project management.
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Reduced Cost of Integration and Ownership

Open standards such as OPC, Microsoft® Windows®, and Microsoft® SQL Server® databases protect your automation investment from manufacturers' proprietary technology obsolescence that can come with changes in supplier strategy, ownership or finances.
Data Historian Logs Data to Secure Standard Databases

Both the ICONICS AlarmWorX™32 Logger and the ICONICS TrendWorX™32 Logger record their information to industry standard databases, including Microsoft® SQL Server®, MSDE®, Microsoft® Access®, and Oracle®.
Web-Based Visualisation for Plant-Wide Manufacturing

With thin-client WebHMI™ solutions, automotive users no longer need to install proprietary HMI software, licenses and individual HMI screens on each operator station. Files and licensing are server-based for trouble-free maintenance and deployment.
Connect Real-Time Production to Corporate IT Systems

Any data available with proper security through your IT network may be displayed or modified within the GENESIS32™ software suite via OPC®, ODBC and OLEDB open database connectivity. Database-to-database transactions and reporting are flexible with ICONICS' BridgeWorX™ and ReportWorX™ software.
Plug and Play with Popular PLCs and Existing HMIs

Connect to existing devices quickly and easily using open-standard OPC® servers. Connect directly to dozens of popular existing PLCs and other automation equipment for fast communications.
Reduce Downtime with Multimedia Alarm Notification

Quickly alert operations, maintenance and purchasing personnel to problems. AlarmWorX™32 Multimedia, which is based on OPC® Alarm and Events, provides alarm summary reporting and alarm logging to Microsoft® Access®, MSDE®, Microsoft® SQL Server® and Oracle® databases. Connect alarms to e-mail, faxes, telephones, marquees, pagers, instant messaging, SMS, mobile phones and voice systems. Be notified wherever you may be!
Mobilise Operators, Maintenance and Management Personnel

Make operators and managers more efficient with flexible access to data wherever they may be. WebHMI delivers operator and supervisory screens across intranets or the Internet with full global network security.
Security Server Enforces Logins and Monitors Access 24/7

GENESIS32™ delivers its full security system across a company's intranet or even across the Internet. So whether logged onto a local workstation or dialling in from home, the system is secure and traceable. The ICONICS GENESIS32™ suite of software applications offers the Security Server, a software component designed to restrict user access rights to various parts of the system. Not only are certain files and/or applications restricted, but specific features within the software modules may also be restricted on a per-user basis.
Automated Reporting and Data Analysis

Production data collected from any plant floor data source can quickly and easily be visualised in Microsoft Excel. Choose a pre-built template or create your own. Information from different data sources can be merged and viewed on a single worksheet. Reports can be scheduled based on a wide variety of events such as time, date, alarm level and calculation.